No relationship, no emotions, just sex.


do any of you even like my blog or am i just here entertaining myself

“Imagine if we looked for air the way we look for love. Now, imagine if we looked for love the way we look for air. If only we’d stop looking and learned to just breathe…love…”

— D’Vane R Polhill (via psych-facts)

When Twin Peaks’ in-house photographer had quit and no further promotional shots were needed since the show was cancelled, Richard Beymer (Benjamin Horne) took his Olympus camera to the set and was given David Lynch’s thumbs up to document the last days of filming the show. (x)


listen man money talk… u want someone to do somethin strange for that change? say that then

ill come to ur home and eat the end pieces of bread for $10



"Mexicans are taking our jobs" but y’all took thousands of Africans to do yours



relative: so when are you gonna get a girlfriend

my gay ass:


Title: Don't Be Gone Too Long (Feat. Ariana Grande)
Artist: Chris Brown
Played: 35990 times


Chris Brown - Don’t Be Gone Too Long (feat. Ariana Grande)

"Sometimes that’s just life though, don’t you think? Sometimes the crappiest things happen at the most unexpected times and you just have to take it for what it’s worth and realize that its not the end, that there is always the tiniest hole you can crawl through to get yourself out.”