Title: Chasing the Sun
Artist: Hilary Duff
Played: 60116 times


Hilary Duff - Chasing The Sun

Keke Palmer geting emotional in an interview with Raven Symone (x)


Do my dark undereye circles and unwashed hair turn you on

Hilary Duff at Marqueen Nightclub tonight.



what if people named their kids when they turn 18 so the kid has a name that fits its personality


I just wanna say that I love you and that I forgive you for everything…unless you live, then I’m still pissed off.


what do u mean i don’t have a social life I just went grocery shopping with my mom!!

pretty little liars: a summary [insp]

No matter how many times you save the world, it always manages to get back in jeopardy again. Sometimes I just want it to stay saved! You know, for a little bit? I feel like the maid. I just cleaned up this mess! Can we keep it clean for … for ten minutes!


In order to become the supreme adult, you must perform the seven wonders:

  • Public speaking
  • Not being afraid of teenagers
  • Calling the doctor yourself
  • Taxes
  • Arguing without crying
  • Having a normal sleep pattern
  • Having an answer to the question ‘what do you want to do with your life?’

You don’t meet a girl like that every dynasty.

Title: Baby Boy (Feat. Sean Paul)
Artist: Beyoncé
Played: 93779 times